26th January

The ultimate round-up of the MOBI-MIX project

14th December

MOBI-MIX project video: What was achieved with the shared mobility pilots?

13th December

What did we learn from the MOBI-MIX final event?

4th October 2022

Two million kilometres travelled by e-scooters and e-bikes in Norwich

28th September 2022

MOBI-MIX Insight report: Mobi Hubs

21st April 2022

How to choose a governance approach

21st March 2022

MOBI-MIX Partner interview: Mechelen

8th March 2022

Balancing gender in shared mobility: How safe is it for women to travel sustainably?

9th February 2022

What is happening in Norfolk? Demonstrator update and online e-scooter training

24th January 2022

MOBI-MIX Insight report: Carsharing

10th January 2022

The Kiosque Mobilité: Integrating young people and mobility

4th January 2022

Looking into data with MOBI-MIX cities

23rd November 2021

City of Rotterdam wins award for carsharing initiatives

3rd November 2021

Fixed shared cars arrive in Rotterdam with MOBI-MIX

5th October 2021

Valenciennes Métropole: Mobility hubs are almost here!

29th July 2021

MOBI-MIX partner interview: City of Rotterdam

27th July 2021

Key takeaways from the MOBI-MIX MaaS scene insight report

22 July 2021

The Smart ways to Antwerp route planner: Move around the smart way!

2nd June 2021

Car free in the City of Ghent

31st May 2021

The MaaS Scene: Insight report

30th April 2021

Cargo bikes strike in popularity in Mechelen

14th April 2021

The challenge of implementing smart mobility projects: How to engage with providers?

2nd March 2021

Experts gather for the MOBI-MIX smart mobility event

26th February 2021

Developing sustainable mobility with Valenciennes Metropole

21st February 2021

Ambitions for shared mobility in Rotterdam

28th January 2021

Autonomous vehicle pilot development update from HITRANS

22nd December 2020

Mobi-Mix and POLIS, solid links at the POLIS 2020 conference

2nd December 2020

Implementation guide for effective public-private collaboration in Smart Mobility

1st December 2020

A report on the long term socioeconomic impacts of AVs

27th November 2020

Analysing the acceptance of autonomous vehicles

25th November 2020

Autonomous mobility: Learning from EU projects

13th November 2020

Collaborative Mobility Conference

23rd October 2020

Mobile! Mobility in the heart of Hauts-de-France

7th September 2020

Future-proofing autonomous mobility in cities

10th August 2020

Collaborating with the private sector to implement low-carbon mobility


MOBI MIX and e-smartec Joint Final Conference // 23rd - 24th November 2022

MOBI-MIX Webinar: Smart mobility guide // 11th February 2021

MOBI-MIX Expert Roundtable: Collaboration Models with the Private Sector // 25 August 2020