Future Mobility Expert

A website to support your smart mobility projects with tools, insights and interactive discussions.

What is the Future Mobility Expert?

The FME is a network composed of European and American mobility experts that produces tools and insights to support decisions for future mobility projects. Here, we talk about topics related to Autonomous Mobility, Shared mobility (cars, bikes, motorbikes, scooters), and MaaS as whole system.

Have a look at our new implementation guide developed with our expert network. It presents tools and examples for cities to enhance their public-private collaborations.

Are you a key decision maker, a mobility project manager, a policy maker, an urban planner or a researcher ? Then this website is made for you !

How can this network support you?

Autonomous Mobility

  • Defining your ambitions - to support your organisation in defining its objectives

  • Shaping your pilot project - to develop a concrete plan with financials and operational steps

  • Implementing your pilot project - to bring the autonomous vehicle to operations

Shared mobility

  • Procurement strategies for mobility projects - to select the most adequate public private partnership for your organisation

  • Dissemination of mobility challenges- to better connect with the market and attract private companies

  • Evaluation of incoming proposals - to support your selection of mobility provider

Mobility as a Service

  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a consumer-centric model of transportation, which includes any combination of transport methods such as car, bike sharing, taxis.

  • The growth of the mobility-as-a-service market is attributed by various benefits such as easy route planning, simplified payments, and personal touch.

  • The FME can support your organisation in understanding how to develop these applications, together with the private market.