What is happening in Norfolk? Demonstrator update and online e-scooter training


As part of the MOBI-MIX Demonstrator pilot, Norfolk County Council, working with Beryl are currently undertaking testing e Scooters on the streets of Norwich.

The pilot started small with only a few vehicles but now has rolled out across the entire Beryl network with 200 vehicles on the streets. The pilot has been very popular and is gathering important information on both how shared mobility solutions and micro-mobility can form a part of the future transport strategy for Norwich with a key aim on looking out how we can decarbonise our transport network. Overall over 170,000 journeys have been completed on Beryl E Scooters in Norwich covering a distance of over 500,000km.

To support the pilot we have identified that a barrier for people using the scheme is that people don’t feel safe or confident using them. To address this a new online training package has been created in partnership between Beryl, Norfolk County Council and Bikeworks with the website being developed by creative agency Superfantasic.

This training “Scoot Happy” provides a 5-minute quick start guide alongside a more in-depth course to provide additional details with riding on roads. The Training covers all the essential elements of the scooters such as how to hire and stop as well as road riding in the more in-depth session covering Junction, lane types and other road users. As an incentive to users free minutes are provided to the user on successful completion of the course. The online training will be launched in a few weeks time and we are planning a number of events in the Spring and Summer when this training will be promoted and additional opportunities will be available for users to try the e scooters.

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