The Smart ways to Antwerp route planner: Move around the smart way!


At the end of 2017, the city of Antwerp launched its Smart Ways to Antwerp multimodal route planner, first on the website and a half year later also as an app. Since then, regular updates and new functionalities optimised it into the unique tool that it is now, including almost all mobility solutions available in Antwerp and giving personalised, smart advice. And more is still to come…

The Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner includes (almost) all available modes of transport available in the city. As opposed to most other route planners, users do not have to select just one mode of transport for their entire trip. They select all preferred modes and let the route planner do its magic. The travel planner shows different route options, both unimodal and combining different transport modes into one trip. To make the experience more personal, users can create an account and save their preferences and favourite routes, and even send route advice from the desktop to the app. Furthermore, the route planner takes into account road works, the current traffic situation, real-time data, and gives direct links to ticket information.

Photo: Routeplanner SnA update ©

Last year, the route planner expanded with more qualitative advice for cycling and walking routes. It now allows cyclists and walkers in Antwerp to select routes to suit their needs, such as car-free, comfortable or leisure routes. Also the estimated trip cost, calorie consumption and number of steps in any route was added.

Photo: Multimodal Travel Planner © ViaVictor

Starting this month, users can discover a whole host of new transport options and combinations. The route planner already took into account public transport, (e-)bike, foldable bike, the waterbus, walking and car. Now taxi rides and several shared vehicles are included. This way, users will gain an even more comprehensive overview of all transport options in the city. The results can be refined by filtering by mode of transport and provider. A sort button has also been added to rank the results based on the: smartest choice, fastest travel time, cheapest route, the fewest number of switches, most sporty alternative, and the least amount of walking involved.

Photo: FrederikBeyens ©

Photo: FrederikBeyens ©

More improvements are still on the way! Smart Ways to Antwerp hopes to eventually add all shared mobility providers to its route planner. The city is in talks with them to link their data as soon as possible. By constantly improving the route planner and adding new functionalities the city hopes to motivate even more people to move around in a smart way.

Do you want to try it out for yourself? You can find the route planner on the Smart Ways to Antwerp website and in the App Store or the Google Play Store.


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