Developing sustainable mobility with Valenciennes Metropole


Valenciennes Metropole made several commitments in 2020, throughout its Climate Plan to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the attractiveness of the territory. At the crossroads of environmental, economic and social challenges, sustainable mobility is a tool for a better future. Alongside Transalley, innovation cluster for Sustainable Transport and Mobility, and the SIMOUV, the Transport Authority, Valenciennes Metropole aims to make the territory a better place to live in, to innovate, and to invest in.

Gathering 35 cities and 200,000 inhabitants, Valenciennes Metropole is a dynamic institution working on the development of the territory as a whole. Thanks to the MOBI-MIX project, local actors actively engaged in a collaborative process to develop the offer of sustainable mobility solutions. The public transport network is currently structured around 2 tramway lines, completed by several bus lines.

With the implementation of two experimental mobility hubs from 2021 to 2022, the MOBI-MIX project will contribute to:

  • Respond to users’ needs and facilitate travels from 2 important clusters, by completing the current public transport offer (tramway and bus) ;

  • Actively lead to behaviour changes ;

  • Attract Sustainable Mobility projects, investments and innovation.

This project is part of a global dynamic of the whole territory and its actors. The SIMOUV (Transport Authority) engaged many actions for a more sustainable and inclusive public transport offer: energy conversion, free access to public transports for people under 26, a free shuttle bus in Valenciennes city-centre.

With many synergies facilitated between economic actors (such as Alstom, Bombardier, Toyota and many small/medium-sized businesses), training and research at the Polytechnic University, and the innovation cluster Transalley, Valenciennes Metropole offers a dynamic ecosystem for innovation in the Transport and Mobility sector.

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