MOBI-MIX Insight report: Carsharing


The MOBI-MIX project has developed an insight report on carsharing the second of the four reports that will be developed throughout the course of the project.

Carsharing can be part of the multiple efforts municipalities do to transform the mobility system in favour of sustainable modes of transport. However, implementing carsharing schemes comes with specific challenges. This insight report discusses, first, what carsharing is and what different business models currently exist. Part 2 focuses on multiple policy actions and recommendations related to a successful implementation of carsharing. These are explored in combination with good practices and success factors in different cities, based on interviews with policymakers from Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Prague and Stuttgart. Part 3 discusses the short- and long-term impact of carsharing implementation. Throughout the report, interviews with experts and practitioners reveal insights on the impact that carsharing has had in various cities, while also highlighting future pathways.

Transport can be an enabler of wellbeing, providing people with options to move, access employment, services and leisure facilities. However, transport systems are also negatively impacting the liveability in cities, as they are often congested, noisy and polluting. As more and more cities are working to develop and implement Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), innovative transport solutions which reduce negative aspects are becoming more widespread. While active travel and a performant public transport network will remain key pillars in SUMPs, cities are well aware that cars will continue to play a role in their cityscape.

The challenge is to make the role of private cars less prominent and change people’s behaviour in favour of a smarter use through attractive carsharing schemes.

Take a read of the full insight report below:

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