The Future Mobility Expert (FME) network has been created within the Interreg European project PAV. The network aims to support cities and regions to better collaborate with the private sector to successfully implement future mobility solutions.

We organise workshops and webinars and develop practical documents to support mobility managers in their efforts - we also orchestrate roundtables to keep the debate on and provide insights on smart mobility topics.

The FME brings together US and European mobility experts to better understand smart mobility projects and its related challenges, resulting in successfully implemented new sustainable transportation for citizens.

Our network

Mobility experts

The FME leverages on existing expertise with US an EU organisations that work on smart mobility topics. From a webinar to the creation of a mobility tool, we often partner with these organisations and people to provide a high-quality result.

Our experts also contributed in launching the smart mobility discussions.

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Public authorities

The FME works directly with cities and regions in Europe to support effective integration of smart mobility solutions. Cities and regions are providing testbeds along with their collective experience to facilitate projects.

The aim of the FME is to support knowledge sharing between European partners for cities to benefit from each other.

Research and clusters

The FME is actively promoting research made on smart mobility. We create connections between universities and cities to apply research models and scientifically measure results from projects.

Furthermore, we partner with national cluster organisations to support cities connecting with the market and increase chances of finding the right mobility solution provider.