Looking into data with MOBI-MIX cities


POLIS is leading a data study with MOBI-MIX cities to understand how they are using data and where they are in their path towards data optimisation. This study aims at helping Rotterdam, Valenciennes, Antwerp, Mechelen and Norfolk to identify what tools and skills are needed to use their data at full potential.

Local authorities have access to a wealth of data and daily operations hinge on large datasets. When used correctly, the transport and mobility data collected by cities can be instrumental in improving service delivery, gaining valuable insights from the community, and operating more seamlessly across departments.

However, it is also widely known that collecting, accessing, and utilizing rich insightful data – fulfilling its potential, can be cumbersome for cities. This is caused by working in silos and a general lack of skills and capacities to embed a data-driven approach in workflows.

To address this issue, MOBI-MIX is conducting a study on data amongst its city partners. The study is divided into two sessions:

  • Session 1: Data-Driven Governments. In this session, MOBI-MIX cities perform an assessment of their approach to data-driven governing.

  • Session 2: Insight-Driven Mobility Planning. In this session, MOBI-MIX cities perform an assessment of their approach to data-driven mobility planning, looking closely at shared mobility.

The first session took place over the summer of 2021 in a virtual format, and the second session is planned for the beginning of 2022.

In general terms, we can describe a data-driven government as a government that fully capitalizes on all the data available to their organisation to make informed, data-backed decisions. With this study, MOBI-MIX partners can better understand in which lifecycle stage are they in their journey towards a data-driven government and identify what skills and tools are needed to arrive there.

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