The future of mobility looks different depending on who you ask. That is why we brought together different experts within the field of mobility and urban planning from both the US and Europe to dig into a few key topics and get the discussion rolling. Find out what they thought and let us know your opinion by joining the discussion !

Our discussion topics

What is the role of public authorities?

What makes an attractive business case for mobility providers?

Is a solution-driven approach a better fit when it comes to new innovative mobility solutions?

How do we improve accessibility and inclusivity in less attractive areas?

Be fair: don’t expect too much for too low a price.
Be realistic: work with operators before procurement to get accurate market views (...)
Accept that some locations may never be profitable: have a plan to support those locations without reducing the potential of the overall scheme.
Providers are much more likely to come to a city with clear, long-term revenue potential.
Liz Gray, Co-wheels
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What do we mean by Mobility as a Service?

What are the benefits of a sharing model vs. outright ownership?

How can local authorities prepare for crises like COVID-19?

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